Getting Crafty With PB&J

Lately we have been eating a lot of quick and easy dinners.  Not because I don’t want to cook, but because I don’t want to cook when it is just my son and I since he never wants to eat what’s for dinner.

So tonight he asked for peanut butter and jelly and I decided to do a little something to make it seem a little less lame.  I’m sure it was all for myself, to ease the guilt I feel for not cooking dinner for him.  He loved it anyway.

I used this double dinosaur sandwich cutter I picked up at Bed Bath & Beyond a couple months ago ($2.99).  Very fitting since this week is dino week at preschool.


He gobbled his sandwich up too quickly to get a picture of him with his PB&J dinos, but trust me, he got a kick out of this idea.



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4 responses to “Getting Crafty With PB&J

  1. We have that. My kids love their dinosaur sandwiches.

  2. I’ve seen those are walmart and wanted to grab a few them!

  3. Andrea: i saw your link on FB and figured I’d check out your site. Very cute. Another way to make pb&j less lame is to grill it. Make it just like grilled cheese. So yummy and gooey and fun – especially on a cold day 🙂 Total comfort food.

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