Craft Fair Friday: Taskets By JennMaruskaDesign

I love the Fall Craft Fairs, oh and the Summer Arts & Crafts Shows too, so I thought I would incorporate that into the blog with Craft Fair Fridays.

Each week I will feature a handmade item or craft and include the link to the creator’s site or store. There are some neat ideas out there created by some incredibly talented folks. Here’s the first of many to come…

A Tisket A Tasket, A Happy Hedgehog Basket?
Yep, this is it, an actual Tasket, and a cute one at that. JennMaruskaDesign sells these beautifully handmade taskets on Etsy. Jenn says:

A tasket is a lightweight, portable organizer that I’ve created from canvas, fabric and ribbon. Use it to hold anything you’d like: pens and pencils, fabric, notes, buttons, jewelry… all your precious little things!

The tasket measures 4 1/2″ tall (satin ribbon handles add another 1 3/4″) and 3″ across. The handles are triple stitched and the bottom has been double stitched to reinforce the seam. The tasket is fully lined and will stand up on its own.

There are four 2 1/2″ pockets around the outside, for additional storage.
She offers them in 8 other fabrics, all of which are beautiful. These taskets would look great on a desk or on the craft shelf to organize kids’ markers and scissors.

Check out Jenn’s Etsy shop to see more of her handmade creations including coasters, sewing sets and mini quilts. She is quite talented!




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3 responses to “Craft Fair Friday: Taskets By JennMaruskaDesign

  1. jennmaruska

    Wow – thank you so much for the great shout-out!
    : D

  2. Oh that’s really nifty. I checked out here shop and favorited it.

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