Eat Pray Love And Try Something New

I tried something new this morning…a book club with actual, live, in-person people.  Don’t laugh, this was a first for me.  I have been involved in an online book club before where we all read and discussed the same book via a mommy forum.  That was fun, but this was even better.  Actual people to connect with and listen to and note their sacasm (or lack thereof) was stimulating.  (you’d think I live under a rock with the way this activity thrilled me)

Anyway, my local library hosted their first Moms Book Club meeting this morning.  We were set to discuss Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  This book has been discussed to death, by Oprah and many women across the nation, so it was a good first choice.  Plus, I just happened to have a copy hanging out needing to be finished.
So, a couple weeks ago I picked back up with Elizabeth still puttering around Italy and eating her way through one decadent meal after another.  I have to admit this was a hard concept for me to read about.  Who on earth just picks up and decides to spend a year traveling and 4 months of it will be spent in Italy just to eat and enjoy themselves?  Um, hello, selfish people.  Yeah, I said it…selfish.  That is how I felt while reading the chapters in Italy.

Then she moved onto India and I started to soften up.  I started to think…geez everyone deserves this kind of getaway, time to learn about themselves and their spirituality, but at the same time I was jolted back to reality and thinking, who on earth needs a whole year to get in touch with themselves and God, SELFISH people.  It sure is hard to shake that selfless mommy mentality, even if it is just to enjoy someone else’s completely self-centered journey.  However, I found myself falling in love with Elizabeth’s writing style and her quest for God in India.  Something about her struggles with herself and her mind really spoke to me, I could relate to her after all.  Oh and I was loving Richard From Texas…such a real guy, finally a guy that was not all emotions, despite his presence at an Ashram in India.

Then came Indonesia, Bali to be exact.  I felt like the history lesson was taking up too much of the chapters.  I did not care so much about the history of the island, I wanted to hear more about the medicine man and the other characters and friends she developed.  The ending left me a bit disappointed.  I felt a personal journey such as hers should end with her standing on her own two feet, not needing anyone else in her life and enjoying it.  Maybe she doesn’t “need” anyone, but I just felt disappointed to see the journey lead there.

Overall I enjoyed the book, but more importantly I enjoyed my morning with other women talking and sharing thoughts.  Way better than hearing all about baby milestones and birth stories.  Actual adult conversation…boy have I missed that….



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  1. Sounds like a nice morning, and an interesting book!

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