“Mom, I Wanna Make Something With Those Blue Eggs”

No, the eggs are not blue, but the egg carton is and it has been sitting there in the fridge killing him (my son) cause he wants to bake something with those “blue eggs”.  I did not have a recipe with eggs in mind, but he was happy to help me bake up some bread and discuss a new word in his vocabulary….yeast.  After a long talk about the yeast and what it does and what it smells like and how come, we were able to get busy, take a look….
Into the oven proofing drawer it goes, cause my house is not warm enough for it to rise without help…
No baking would be complete without our dog, Rocky, licking the flour off the floor…
Out comes the dough with lots of excited comments about how big it grew…
Who doesn’t love to paint with melted butter?
The final product which smells and tastes delicious and of course now my son wants nothing to do with it and proclaims that it looks yucky and he WILL NOT be eating that

For a great new recipe to try, head on over to MomDot today for Tasty Thursday.



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3 responses to ““Mom, I Wanna Make Something With Those Blue Eggs”

  1. That’s so great that he helps! He’ll definitely be a catch when he’s older if he can cook like that 🙂

    And I think the bread looks delicious!

  2. How fun! So cool that he was so excited about the ‘blue eggs’ – and I bet he had a ton of fun helping make that delicious looking bread! 🙂

  3. theposhpreneur

    that is AWESOME!! 🙂 Wait, so the drawer underneath the oven is the “proofing” drawer??!! I put extra puts and pans in there! ROFL I ad NO idea!

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