Wordless Wednesday: The Cell Phone Has Taken Over





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11 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: The Cell Phone Has Taken Over

  1. I had to laugh because my son has the SAME Spiderman toothbrush and Buzz Lightyear cell phone!… and he’s 2. Cell phones really are taking over!!!

  2. Oh, yes! They start young now, huh???

    Good to see he can multi-task!! :o)

  3. I’m pretty impressed with the multi-tasking skills!

  4. A multitasker! What a great thing to learn how to do at a young age. Though that cell phone bill in a few years might not be so great.

  5. We have the same cell phone-hopefully it keeps him from asking for a real one for quite some time! Too cute!

  6. My 5yo says to me yesterday “When do I get a cell phone? When I turn 6?” I told her she is lucky if she gets one before she is 16, lol.

  7. that is totally awesome!

  8. Busy huh? Has to brush teeth while taking a call. hehe

    Kids are so silly. Great photo. Happy WW!

  9. How funny! Love that he’s brushing his teeth while taking the call 🙂

  10. OMG! How many times have to been on the phone while brushing my teeth? Mostly with my sister, but still.

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