I’m definitely not a chef or pastry chef, but I enjoy making a mess in the kitchen.  I like to try new recipes and will be the first to admit when it doesn’t turn out as good as it sounded. 

I enjoy baking and really enjoy watching my son lick the bowl when we make something sweet.  My KitchenAid mixer is my best friend and the best gift my husband has ever given me.

I would love to take a cake decorating class one day.  Icing and I are not BFF’s despite my many attempts to befriend it.  I pick up the class schedule at JoAnn’s and day dream about registering for the Wilton classes.  One of these days I will, I plan to, we’ll see when I have time.

That said, check out the links to my recipe categories below.  You might find a recipe your family, but you’ll never find my chicken pot pie recipe in there…that one goes to the grave with me.